Sunday, December 13, 2015


I have personally never pulled a superfractor out of a pack (I would like to that'd be cool). I've hit some nice things that I've shared previously (most recently the Mike Trout wood mini 1/1) (still have it btw, might sell or trade later who knows?!)

I recently completed my 2nd trade on blowout cards. There's an Ichiro collector who inquired about the 2012 Topps Chrome variation. The variations that year were one every 900 packs or so. I happened to hit the Ichiro in my case and has it stashed away in my PC. He was willing to dip into his PC to make this a really good trade for both of us! He got the rare Ichiro and I got my 4th Ryan Howard superfractor!

2007 Topps Finest Moments! It was already graded, doesn't personally make a difference to me,but I don't mind it being heavily protected. Sure it is a sticker auto but it's not a card that would've popped up anytime soon. Very happy to add it to the Ryan Howard collection. Once the move is set one of the goals is to actually organize the Howard collection and get a real want list. So many people have sent me Howard's so I really have no idea what I'm missing. 

Thanks for the trade and Thanks for reading!


  1. Wow, that's a nice... reads back. Nice pickup, interested to know the Howard count

  2. Now that was a great trade at both ends

  3. That was a cool trade. I've read some of the trade forums on there, but never actually pulled the trigger on a deal.