Wednesday, July 19, 2017

2017 Bowman Platinum Break

My wife was kind enough to stop at Wal Mart and check if there was any of the new Bowman Platinum. She was able to pick up 2 of the collector's boxes which guarantee 2 autos per box. 40 packs total. Was a fun rip. The base cards are rather shiny and the inserts are nice looking. I was pretty happy with the break overall...

 Four really solid autos. The Torres sells pretty well on ebay last I checked. Rosario is the Mets number one prospect. The Dalbec is numbered out of 25.

Didn't get a Judge Rookie Radar insert but did hit the Bellinger. The Torres Orange was the rarest card of the break at 1:1:100 packs! 

This was the only Judge of both boxes.The Moniak was flipped the wrong way in the pack and the first 3 times that happened it was the auto of the pack. When I saw it the first time I thought Topps forgot to put the auto on it. I was annoyed but I'd live. Then I pulled another auto and I went back and checked, it's the Rookie variation (roughly 1 in 165 packs!) I was pretty happy about that pull being a Phillies fan.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Whoa, Gleybermania! Congrats on those pulls. The Orange is really cool.

  2. The orange parallel is a beauty.
    Aesthetically, this is probably my favorite set. I can't seem to find packs of it anywhere and I've been to five Wal-Marts in four different towns. :(

  3. i like the base design and may venture out to look for these. If I find any, they will be opened and shared around the blogs. Minus Judge of course. Selling him will pay for more cards, should he show his face in a pack.