Monday, July 24, 2017

Sign up for Gint A Cuffs!

Yes I'm using this post to pimp Gint A Cuffs. CLICK ME!! I linked the blog right there <----.

and also yes if you follow my blog you know I am the 2 time defending champion. I would like some competition this year. (Clearly I am superior at picking random boxes or ordering them online better then other people)

My last 4 boxes of Ginter have yielded a Trout wood mini (win #1), Javier Baez boxtopper auto (winner's box 1), Kershaw/Maeda Dual rip card (win #2) and Salvador Perez/Eric Hosmer Dual Rip card (winner's box 2). Yes I opened 2 boxes last year and hit 2 dual rip cards (1 in 720 packs for those that don't keep wrappers next to them at all times with odds). Yes I like the word Yes! So Join and challenge me! Who knows, you might win! (but probably not, I plan on three peating)

Obligatory card picture..


  1. Wow! that's just nuts! you really have a string of luck going there! I hope others step up to the challenge and make it a fun time!

  2. Brad,
    If you'd like to defend your GAC title, please submit your Favorite Player / Favorite Team.