Sunday, July 2, 2017

Some sweet autos!

It's cool when you're friends know you collect and like to get you random things. My best friend has seen my collection and likes to contribute from time to time. He knows all things Phillies are always welcome. Check out the autos he gave me!

Pretty sweet cards. Ricky Jordan, Roger McDowell, Aaron Rowand (pre broken nose), Mike Lieberthal, Ruben Amaro Jr and Tommy Greene. A who's who of 90's Phillies. Greene's auto is very appealing on the Pinnacle card. Ruben had a long run with the Phillies as a player and as a front office executive. He did bring a World Series and tried to bring many just didn't work out as planned. I like that he just wants to be in baseball and decided to take a job as the Red Sox first base coach. Shows he doesn't really care about titles just for the love the game. Also, he was very available to the media which was good and bad for him but the new regime barely gets in front of the media it seems. Should be a job requirement since all the fans pay their salaries one way or another.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Lieberthal has a "Dutch' quality about him in the photo. you have a good friend!