Friday, March 9, 2018

A Couple more Rookies.. one future HOFer and one who knows?

I also was able to add a few more modern cards of rookies I wanted at the show. Paid basically fair prices. (25 for the Pujols, 20 for the Bryant) No crazy deal here but I didn't get ripped or anything. The Bryant enabled me to be done with 2015 Topps Chrome. I now have the 5 short print rookies and the Bryant Rookie. All I need is the Phillies team set but I'm not concerned about finding that. (Although no idea if some of you traded me some of them in 2015 I am not organized in my team sets for modern cards)

Without further introduction:

I believe this Pujols is considered the 'gold' one. Doesn't make a difference to me the card looks nice. His career has been quite remarkable. He should be a first ballot hall of famer.

I promise the Bryant isn't missing a edge. My scanner likes to crop sometimes. All the white specks on both scans are dust just ignore them. Bryant has had a real strong start to his career with an MVP and World Series ring. He's an exciting young player and I hope he keeps up the accolades and is one of the guys along with Harper, Machado, Trout that are the next generation of great players.

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