Tuesday, March 6, 2018

The Franchise Rookie card!

According to Google that is his nickname! I was able to pick up this pretty cool rookie card at the show this past weekend. It adds to my other smaller PC of Hall of Fame Rookie cards!

I paid 70 dollars which I thought was a pretty decent deal already graded and authenticated.No real major flaws besides centering which is rather common in 1962 cards. No creases or anything like that. It will definitely look nice in my display case on the wall! This was actually my last purchase of the day. (Seller originally wanted 80 and we settled for 10 dollars less) I usually don't go crazy negotiating but usually if you ask or combine deals its easy to get 5 or 10 bucks off. If you do that for every deal that adds up to a free Lou Brock rookie card if you think about it! 

In his career he stole 938 bases and had 900 RBI's. That's an interesting stat anamoly. 

Also the Cubs traded him to the Cardinals 2 years into his career. What a mistake that was! Can't win them all.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Imagine how much better the really good late 60's Cubs teams would have been with Brock at the top. Move Kessinger down in the lineup. Brock, Beckert, Williams, Santo, Banks, Hundley, Hickman, Kessinger.

  2. What a great card! I don't know a lot about how cards are graded, but looking at that card, it seems like the grade should've been higher.