Sunday, April 19, 2020

A Trio of Hoskins!

I did not receive all of these cards recently but I am looking to keep up this 'set' going forward as long as the cards are made. I like the look of the cards and the fact the autos are on-card make it appealing as well.

Picked up this one recently:

2020 Topps Heritage blue auto. If you saw my earlier posts we opened 2 boxes this year and did quite well. 2 Autos and 2 Relics (1 of the relics being Hoskins!) so I have zero complaints about Heritage. Even though we didn't see the autos until the base cards were being sorted. Better to be lucky then good!

This card goes well with it's previous year brethren:

2019 Topps Heritage blue auto.

And last but not least the rookie auto.

For a brief minute I considered doing this in the red ink and then I looked at the rookie prices and thought blue ink works. I now am up to 9 Hoskins autos! Pretty good!

Thanks for reading, Phillies still undefeated!

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  1. I really like the picture used for Rhys' 2020 Heritage auto. I am going to show off a Rhys auto later today.