Tuesday, April 28, 2020

A BIG 'wood' mini!!

This is one of the big little cards I was talking about in my previous post. A friend on the blowout boards who knows I collect Ryan Howard shot me a message and asked if I was interested. He wasn't 100% on selling but asked approximate value I would give it. I gave my opinion he gave his and he said he was willing to wait for his price (not much higher then mine) I said in so many words no worries I'll take it! Shrewd negotiation I know. It's one of a kind and I wasn't going to let a different Ryan Howard collector take it. Looks nice in the case!

Graded PSA 10, from the World Series year. It's a super sharp looking card. Numbered 1/1 on the back in blue ink. Since they did those by hand back then for a number of years. Sometimes even forgetting to number them, in this case that was not forgotten.

I recently started inventorying my collection. I have 55 Ryan Howard autographs on cards and 96 relics. I'm still working on the numbered cards and cards of note, so far up to 191. I know I have a few more to list. I'm skipping regular base cards and some random inserts. I am including rookies and things like that.

I plan on doing the same for my Phillies collection, my HOF rookie collection and then my miscellaneous stuff. It will be nice to have it all in one place and easy to add/subtract too. I realized memorizing the whole collection is hard, I got most of it down but I do occasionally forget I have something and buy it again. Sometimes I buy stuff again because I like the card, but hey that's just me.

Thanks for reading!