Sunday, April 12, 2020

Silky smooth!

I found this card on ebay a few weeks ago. I always liked this parallel. I know its not super popular but I think the card looks really nice in person and I like the little window Topps built in so you can touch the card if you so desire.

Ryan Howard silk collection from 2012 Series 1. A nice picture of Ryan presumable hitting a HR. 

To get my sports fix in this sportsless time I've been doing 2 things besides blogging. I've been watching full games of older games on youtube. Tons to choose from can't go wrong with them and I joined a Dynasty Fantasy Football League with a friend of mine. The draft will probably take a few weeks and goes 30 rounds so it'll get down to some obscure players. Should be fun! 

Thanks for reading!

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  1. That league sounds intense. I could never do something like that, I picked up a pair of Cutch Ginter silks a few weeks ago, I wonder if it was the same seller.