Monday, September 28, 2020

A small silver set! 2020 Topps Archives

I didn't open a lot this year but I was able to pick up some nice singles to make my collection even nicer! I probably paid market rate which thankfully isn't too crazy. I really liked the looks of the silver borders with the on-card autos. The Phillies only had 2 cards on the checklist so it made collecting the team set very easy. I'm only counting the regular sized cards for this case. There is a Rhys Hoskins boxloader that I have yet to acquire. I opened a lot of archives in 2012. I have the base set and most of the insert sets complete. I should probably complete it since I'm pretty close to having a master set. Missing some SPs, some reprints and some of the retail insert sets. I like the idea of the set even though it is a bit of a re-hash of heritage. The on-card autos of subjects that tend to not get a million autos is appealing. 

This was my first Charlie Manuel auto. Will always be the one who managed the team to the World Series in 2008. Really wish they would've beat the Yankees the next year in 2009. They were really great again in 2010 but the season ended on Ryan Howard's achilles in the playoffs and it's been mostly downhill from there. 

These are sharp looking cards. Definitely recommend grabbing for your favorite team. 

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