Friday, September 18, 2020

An Atomic Hoskins!

Glancing at my post history, I have already surpassed the number of posts I did all of last year this year. Three months ahead of schedule! I still plan on posting throughout the end of the year and beyond. I should probably write posts in advance but I rarely do that. 

This card I had been after for a while. I lost out on several auctions and that's ok, I had a price limit I wasn't willing to exceed. Finally, caught an auction ending at an odd time so I got lucky and no one sniped at the end. 

This is a very pretty card in person. I remember when I first saw the atomic technology in 2011 Topps Chrome, back then the base were numbered out of 225. Then in 2012 they made them super rare and numbered them out of 10 (I have the Cliff Lee and Ryan Howard from that year) 

This one is numbered out of 100 but the shininess is all the same! 

I don't care that its graded but I do like the protection the case provides. I now have the atomic and the blue from 2018 Bowman Chrome. I don't think I've ever actually opened a box of Bowman Chrome so it's nice to have 2 semi rare cards from it. 

I traded for the blue above a year or so ago. My scanner was dirty at that time as well. 

Phillies bullpen still stinks. I hope they make the playoffs. Even if they lose to a better team at least get in when 8 teams get in. It would be sad if they don't. 

Thanks for reading!


  1. Yeah, it's still shiny no matter what the serial number is.

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