Friday, November 23, 2012

Card Draft Loot and Affordable Group Break!

I recently participated in The Diamond King's card draft. He had a nice assortment of cards to choose from and he had some unannounced bonus rounds which were greatly appreciated. I think everyone was happy with what they ended up with. I got some nice cards to keep and some I'll put on the trade bait page.

Here are a few highlights:

A pretty nice Hank Blalock jersey. A Lance Kendricks auto, a Rashard Lewis auto (his ridiculously large contract is almost over!). And a Thad Young auto. I very much like him on the Sixers. This is actually the 2nd auto of his from that set I have now and both of them are from The Diamond King. If I'm feeling a bit ambitious maybe I'll go after all of them. 

My first pick was the Ryan Howard numbered out of 10. I always like a low numbered Phillies card. The Rollins is numbered as well. The Beckham is a cool Bat relic from A&G. The Killebrew is a nice vintage card from 1972.

I am quite happy with the results of the draft, Thanks for hosting Kevin!

This post is a combined post, I've been quite active lately on the mail front.

Colbey from Cardboard Collections hosted a group break where you bid for your team. I bid on the Phillies and won!

Got some nice Phils cards from sets I didnt have. The circle card is a pretty cool diecut of Pat Burrell. He was also nice enough to throw in a few extras including a 1990 Leaf Terry Mulholland.

Thanks for hosting the affordable group breaks!

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