Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Five Star... Tuesday

As all of you are aware Topps decided to go high end card producing at the end of the season. I didn't buy any boxes cause of the crazy high price point but I am not above getting singles for way less then it would've cost me to bust one box. This is the first batch of cards I've received (have a few more coming!)

In no particular order:

CJ Wilson auto numbered out of 150. Saw him pitch live this past May in Yankee Stadium. The Angels won that game 7-1. I think he can put together a pretty nice career and he should have a whole lot of run support with Trout and Pujols.

A redemption of a Jim Palmer Silver signature numbered out of 99. I'm a big fan of the hall of famer and the card will look great with my Jim Palmer autographed Orioles team book. (posted previously on the blog)

This is a nice on card auto of Fergie Jenkins numbered out of 25. It's a nice card and will be added to my small but growing autos of hall of famers. 

Once I saw the Krukker was in the set I had to get his autograph (already have one from topps archives) but regardless the silver pen really pops. Although I really like John Kruk, I am surprised that he is in a high end set. 

 Last but not least our 142 million dollar man Cole Hamels. The Relic is really nice and large. I don't have any of the museum collection relics so this is a nice add to my Phillies relic collection. 

These are just the cards I have in hand! Can't wait til the other ones come they get even better!



  1. Gotta say, the Five Star sets is beautiful.

    I plan on getting me that Joey Bautista autograph soon enough.

    Jumbo relics just don't do it for me, though.

  2. Very nice pick ups! I just scored a Vida Blue auto at a very nice price. Can't wait to get my hands on it.