Thursday, November 15, 2012

Card show pickups

This card show was back in September in Valley Forge PA. Its a good show that typically has a good amount of people from philly or pittsburgh sports that come sign autographs and it has about 200 or so tables of dealers. There is a ton of vintage there so if thats your thing you can find some good stuff. I probably bought about 200 dollars worth of phillies vintage cards to help my brother out. I picked up a couple of boxes of 2012 bowman (will show the good stuff at a later date). And I picked up these 3 singles i'm about to show you. I would be willing to trade them but I would want something decent back.

This is a quad relic from Topps Marquee of Jered Weaver. I never bought any of this product so to grab a nice quad relic of a pretty good pitcher is cool. It's numbered 90/125.

This card (sorry about the glare) is a Harmon Killebrew bat relic stamp card from Donruss signature. The Stamp is a 3 cent stamp from way before i was born. The card has a nice design with a portrait type photo up top the stamp prominently featured and the bat at the bottom. Its numbered 13/70

 This card is pretty sweet. I never had previously owned these letter autographs until now! This is a nice Chad Billingsley (his name is way too long to try and get one of each). I felt the price on this was good so i pulled the trigger. Its quite a nice looking card. The auto is in silver across the I. I'm tired so that last sentence might have been obvious to anyone with eyes. Regardless its a nice card and numbered 28/150.

I will be back this weekend to post some more!

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