Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Trade with Another Orioles Blog!

Ryan from Another Orioles Blog recently posted a ton of trade bait he was looking to move for orioles cards. I expressed interest in one of the Phillies cards and then naturally a larger trade was achieved. Funny how that seems to happen a lot (not that I'm complaining its awesome to receive a bunch of stuff in the mail that you actually want). I sent him a bunch of Orioles goodness and he returned with some really cool stuff.

First the Phillies portion of the trade:

The trade started with the Rollins from A&G since I didn't have that relic card. I ended up with the Rollins, a Gavin Floyd (at one time the number one prospect in the Phillies organization) and a Brody Colvin Purple refractor.

The next portion (just as good if not better depending on your point of view) (I am writing a lot in parentheses tonight)(I spelled parentheses correctly without spell check go me)

These are all from Bowman Sterling and they are all autographs and really sharp looking cards. I never bought a bowman sterling pack so to get my hands on these is super nice. The dual auto is of collegiate national team members Dominic Ficociello and Nolan Fontana. I'm a sucker for dual autos and I really like the design of this one with the photos being a decent size. The other autos are of Tyler Goeddel (Rays prospect) and Taylor Jungmann (Brewers prospect). They are both young pitchers so who knows what will happen but they have the ability.

Thanks for the trade Ryan!

Also I just joined a hockey group break that should be a real good one. If you are interested in hockey cards go to Cardboard Conundrum and check it out. He is even kind enough to guarantee everyone a hit even if you dont get one in the boxes!

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  1. You're welcome and I'm really glad you liked the cards!