Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thank you Diamond King!

I was lucky enough to win the randomization to take home one of The Diamond King's end of year contest prizes! He always gives away great stuff and is super generous. I am quite pleased with what I received including a couple of Phillies cards for the PC. The rest I'm sure one way or another will make it to other bloggers through trades and what not.

It didn't occur to me that most of these cards were horizontal. The Hockey/Baseball relic is pretty cool, I had never seen one of those before. Some solid names on this list, Wade Boggs, Jeff Bagwell Curt Schilling, CC Sabathia, Hanley Ramirez and Jim Rice. That'd  be a pretty solid team! 

The Ryan Howard is a keeper! The Mauer is pretty sweet, along with the other A&G relics. I am a fan of the framed mini look. 

Also, I have officially decided to chase every parallel in existence of Ryan Howard for 2014. If you have anything for trade please drop me a line and we can hopefully work something out.

Thanks for the contest DK and thanks for reading!