Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Two booklet's or more!

I added 2 more booklets to my collection. (still need to buy those magnetic cases) I am always on the lookout for nice looking ones. That's pretty much the pre requisite for picking these up.

The Emerald's are numbered out of 18 and the Sapphire's are numbered out of 3! I also previously had a gold!

I'm not entirely sure there are other parallels, but if I happen to see one I'll probably get it. I'd love a 1 of 1 of course too.

I'm psyched for the NFL playoffs, the Olympics and spring training! All big events coming right up! My Fantasy Football team survived the regular season and made the wild card draft. I'm going to need some luck to win it this weekend! I have first pick in every round, 3 teams one week. Winner moves on, losers go home. (or you know to the kitchen or something) I am leaning towards picking Jamaal Charles first and waiting on QB cause Brees sucks on the road. Opinions are welcome!

Thanks for reading!

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