Monday, January 27, 2014

Trade with Lonestarr!

I recently completed my first trade with Life and Baseball cards! He writes an entertaining blog and was easy to trade with. He sent me a nice stack of different things and multiple sports!

Here's a sweet mix. Really like the Howard gold sparkle from last year and the Pat the Bat Diamond King card. Also, can never go wrong with a 1960s Topps card! I hope Utley is thinking about all the Home runs he is going to hit this year in that card. 

Randall was the man! The first true running QB who did it all! Cris Carter is the hall of fame receiver that unfortunately was traded! McCoy and Foles are the Eagles new order. I hope they bring the playoffs back to Philly again next year! This year was very entertaining to watch! 

The Tommy Bahama shirt is some sort of relic, its an interesting card. I really like the cognac parallel of Robin Roberts. I believe the Legends were Short printed so pretty happy to get this one in a trade!

I added about 20 relics/autos to my trade bait page (scans can be given upon request). If anything interests you let me know! Also I updated my Frank Thomas page, I am now over 600 unique Thomas's!

All good things!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I'm interested in the Blue Drew Smyly (alread have the regular one). Please let me know what I can get you in return!