Friday, July 24, 2015

A plate.. no not that kind of plate!

I was able to add another piece of the Ryan Howard puzzle to the ole PC the other day. I picked up a printing plate that finally surfaced from last year. If you guys remember I was attempting to get every Ryan Howard parallel and auto and relic from last year's Topps brands. I did pretty decent. Kinda fell off with all the bowman parallels. I missed out on some of the higher end Museum Collection but still got a few of those. I was able to snag the superfractor which makes me happy! Those are some really awesome cards.

Here's my 2nd printing plate from Turkey Red!

This is the yellow version. It's in pretty good shape. I don't buy all the plates that hit ebay but if the price is right or I have an irrational need to collect them all (pokemon!) I go after it!

Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying summer!

Thanks for reading!

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