Thursday, July 9, 2015

Topps Stadium Club Blaster Break!

I haven't had the opportunity to open a ton of cards this year but I did want to see Stadium Club up close. I heard the photos and paper stock were quite good this year. In that aspect, I was not disappointed. Thankfully, I have low expectations of hitting anything great out of a blaster.

These were the only 2 non-base cards. Both yellow foils. I like the Puig picture, the background really makes it pop.

These were just a few more of the photos I liked from my pack opening. The gatorade bath, the old black and white look. I think Topps did a great job on the look of this set this year. It would be a treat to flip through in a binder and see them all. That's the mark of a good set!

Thanks for reading!

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