Friday, July 31, 2015

Well that was a fun run..

Bye bye Cole Hamels officially. What a way to go. No-Hitter.. then traded! Can't say that happens too often.

Will always remember 2008 postseason. One of the greatest pitching performances in the post season. NLCS and WS MVP. Well deserved as well. Also, he only made 500K that year.. he's making 23,500,000 this year.. wish I could get that kind of percentage raise haha.

This is one of the more active trade deadlines in recent memory. Lots of big names on the move, Price, Cueto, Hamels, Cespedes, Gomez come to mind without looking anything up.

We shall see if the prospects the Phillies got in return pan out. Here's hoping to World Series 2018!

Obligatory Hamels card...

I also have the Halladay and Lee from this set.

And to sum it all up..

Now that was a fun rotation to watch!

Thanks for reading!

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