Sunday, July 5, 2015


Happy end of 4th of July weekend! It was a lot of fun for me. Went to the Phillies game on Thursday for the fireworks. They were awesome as always (Team lost 8-7 in a long (4 hour) game) Hung out with the family on Saturday and saw Terminator Gensys. I enjoyed it for what it is. Lots of action, fun Terminator stuff happened. Did the barbecue thing with my best friend on Saturday. Checked out his new house and hung out with some other people we haven't seen in a while. All in all very fun weekend. Currently halftime for the Women's World Cup, 4-1 !! Go USA!

Anyway.. supreme referred to this card..

Bought this card off ebay for a good price. Although, it's a sticker auto it still looks good on the design of the card. I never personally bought any Supreme so it's nice to have the card in the Howard PC! It's a shame his career is winding down the way it is, but I'll always remember the good times when the Phillies had that run and he was a big reason for it.

Thanks for reading and Hope everyone had a nice weekend!


  1. How many Howard autos do you have? Do you have a list of your PC online?

    1. I have 34 Howard auto's and a bit over 70 relics or so (some nice ones!) The list is on my Phillies Hits at the top but I didnt scan anything in on that page