Sunday, October 4, 2015

A Chrome plate!

I was able to pick up one, one of one recently. Although are they more a one of 4? Either way its the only one of this particular color.

It's the Cyan plate! Only 3 more to go and I can print my own Topps Chrome cards! I'm a bit behind on scanning (literally have a pile on top of my scanner) I have received some cool cards in the mail this past week and will give proper props. Or something like that.

Phillies officially have the number 1 overall pick.. I hope whoever it is, is really good at baseball and can help re build this team. Nola, Crawford, Eichel, Franco and the new guy will be the new nucleus. If they can do what the Cubs are doing now and sustain it. It was really fun baseball to watch when they won all those divisions in a row. The lineup was like Toronto's now, dangerous from top to bottom. Anyone at any time could knock it out of the park and bring the team back. Good times! Just have to get back to that.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Nice plate! If the Phillies draft well the next couple of years the turnaround could be quick since they have the resources to add payroll. Think they will go after college players?