Sunday, October 11, 2015

Wow Time Flies!

Hey avid readers,

Sorry I did not post in the last 7 days! Life has been busy. I am still behind on scanning but I plan on doing it soon (today if all goes well!) This is just a quick hello. I've watched a few of the postseason games. Pretty entertaining so far. Some of the west coast games end a little late for me since I have to get up in the morning. Also, watched the Mexico vs US game last night. Mexico thoroughly outplayed the US but I really thought they were going to hold onto to a shootout. Crazy good goal by Mexico.

Here is one more addition to my Ryan Howard Chrome rainbow attempt (moving slowly this year)


This parallel is numbered out of 99! Not a bad looking card.

Thanks for reading, hopefully get more regular posting soon!

1 comment:

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