Saturday, August 25, 2012

Halfway Done! (And Enjoying it all!)

Holy Collation! 6 boxes. Can't make this stuff up. Had 3 cards left to complete the base set. One pack left. Pull an extra blue refractor (2 in one box score!) and get the exact 3 cards needed to complete the set. I wonder if the person who put this case together did this on purpose. It was like a eery moment of awesome.

Now onto the hits!

The diecut is Curtis Granderson which is cool. Both of the blue refractors are twins, Morneau and Mauer which is really cool to pull the M&M boys in the same box. The Pacheco is a refractor auto. The Romine is cool maybe he'll become the starting catcher for the yankees. Apparently Eric Surkamp is stalking me cause I got a sepia refractor and a refractor auto of his. (If I get the super refractor I will collect the rainbow). The black refractor is of future hall of famer Mariano Rivera. 

If I had to pick a favorite card it has to be the 2 blue refractors. Love that they both came in the same box. 

Thanks for reading!

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