Saturday, August 25, 2012

Whats in a Case (Part 9 and 10 of 12)

The momentum has slowed a little near the end here. Two boxes left. Tons of excitement with 3 major hits beating the odds. This case has continued to beat the odds with the next 2 boxes as well which is always appreciated. Box 9 though did not have one single card needed for the third base set. Box 10 did manage to knock out a few and as of writing this I am currently 15 cards away from base set 3. The diecuts continue to be favorite cards in every box.

Box 9 hits:

I'm happy I pulled the Addison Reed auto, I like that hes the closer of the white sox and want him to do well. The Zack Cozart auto is the Sepia version numbered out of 75. The Mauer is nice since now the blue and the black were pulled. The Brian Wilson is cool too, gotta love the beard. 

Box 10:

The Drew Smyly is the third blue auto refractor that his hit this case. I think thats pretty impressive. Back to back boxes, back to back Zack Cozart autos. Another Brave as a blue refractor.. I will trade those for Phillies refractors if anyone is interested. 
I'm excited to open 2 more boxes and I hope everyone is enjoying this journey through a case. This is my first time documenting this type of thing and any tips or comments are greatly appreciated!

Thanks for reading!

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