Saturday, August 25, 2012

Whats in a Case (Combined Part 4/5 of 12)

My girlfriend and I just finished opening up 2 more boxes. To say lady luck is on our side is an understatement. We have another monster hit that came out of box 5. Completely crushing the odds in this case. I figured I was done celebrating and high fiving after the Harper hit but I am just as happy about this one for a different reason. It's a Phillie and a big piece of their team. And oh yea its an atomic refractor numbered out of 10.

Box 4 hits:

The diecut is a sweet Matt Kemp. The Sepia refractor (which honestly look really good) is Ryan Braun. Received another auto blue refractor of Colin Cowgill. All in all a solid box but not spectacular.

Box 5 hits:

The 2 autos were base and the diecut is a nice one of future hundred millionaire Josh Hamilton. The name on the blue refractor is cutoff but it is former Phillies prospect Michael Taylor. The crown jewel of this box is the Cliff Lee atomic refractor. It is a pretty card and super short print. I'm sure I'll be busting some more soon. Not even done half the case and I feel like it's been more then solid. Also, the collation so far has been incredible. One complete base set and zero triples through 5 boxes. 

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  1. If you're not keeping the Hamilton, I'd love to trade for it.