Saturday, August 25, 2012

Whats in a Case (Part 12 of 12)

And the pack busting fun is over, it was highly enjoyable to bust my 2nd case ever. I think I did quite well over all. I did not complete the 3rd set so I have many many doubles, triples etc that if you need any cards please send me a list and we can work something out. The last box had one lowlight and one highlight.

Onto the hits:

The highlight is the Derek Jeter sepia. Its a truly nice looking card. The lowlight is the Chris Parmalee auto.. I got 3 of them in 12 boxes. I would've liked a little more variety then that. The diecut stayed true, got exactly one per box and they are all nice looking cards. 

My last post on this case will be a wrap up post. I'm willing to trade all the cards except the phillies I pulled. I know my want list is woefully not updated at the moment but I hope to fix that sometime this week. Thanks everyone for reading and I hope that I've conveyed the enjoyment I've gotten from the cards as much as possible. The only hit missing is the uncut redemption sheet oh well maybe next time!

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