Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Last chance Trade Bait (claim in email or comments if you are interested)

As I mentioned in my previous post. I am just looking to make some deals and if not I will just sell these individually on ebay. I know a couple of them I can get a few bucks for but if you would rather trade I am more then open to make a deal.

I will be either looking for Phillies Relic/autos. Numbered or rare Ryan Howard or Frank Thomas cards. Vintage Phillies (I have a want list up for the 50s but I have very little 70s and almost no 1960's Phillies) Also if you have trade bait I'd even be willing to swap for a cool card. 

In No Particular order:
Any tape marks you see are strictly from the top loaders. My scanner picks up everything.

Aroldis Chapman 2012 Ginter Auto

Bob Knight 2012 Ginter 3 Color Relic

Carlton Fisk 2012 Topps Series 1 Manu Patch

CJ Wilson 2012 Topps Five Star /150

Craig Biggio and Jeff Bagwell Dual Bat Relic

Dizzy Dean 2010 Topps Update All Star Manu Patch

George Foster 2012 Topps Five Star Gold auto /5

Johnny Bench MLB Logoman /50

Reggie Jackson 2012 Topps Series 1 Manu Patch

Dominic Ficociello/Nolan Fontana Dual auto /99
If nothing suits you, please check out my trade bait that I have sorted by team! If you want to see any scans just drop me a note and I will either e-mail it or post it on the blog. Limited time offer on the above cards. If nothing is claimed by Thursday night then they are hitting the bay!

Thanks for checking the cards out and hope we can make a deal!


  1. Hiya...I have an interest in the Foster and Chapman. They're both on-card, right? Also the Knight.

    I have a few things from your list:

    1. Frank Thomas (Bazooka 2006 authentic game-used bat)
    2. Bud Harrelson (1979 on card auto) (I won this from a contest Wicked - if you know him - had two years ago. I think he personally obtained it.)
    3. 1968 Gary Sunderland (Phillie)
    4. 1976 Johnny Oates, Tom Hilgendorf, Jim Lonborg, Ron Reed (traded)
    5. 1977 Tim McCarver
    6. 1978 Larry Bowa

    This is from the top of my head. I'll be home tonight to review some more. Let me know what you think so far.

    Oh, I also have a decent collection of Frank Thomas cards that I would like to thin out.

    Thanks! Keep me posted.

  2. Just remembered, I also have an archives from a few years back of Jim Lonborg on-card auto. This was part of the contest I won from Wicked. I believe he personally obtained it.

  3. I think Potch beat me to it, but if things don't work out for the chapman. I'd be interested.

  4. I'd like the Biggio/Bagwell for my son if it's still available.

    I have a 2009 UD Spectrum Pat Burrell jersey card. White swatch w/red stripe.