Friday, July 5, 2013

Trade with Scott!

I recently completed my first trade with Mr Baseball Scott! He is a David Ortiz fan and I happened to have a couple nice ones. We exchanged a few emails and quickly came to an agreement. The cards arrived a little while ago but I obviously slowed some the last few weeks on posting. I promise I will get back on track! I haven't bought much new product, partially to cut spending and partially cause it hasn't excited me. I am always on the lookout for high end Ryan Howard and Phillies cards but as far as purchasing packs I am waiting for Topps Chrome. September 18th I plan on partially live blogging my case! Can't Wait!

Back to this trade! Check out the shininess of this card! It's not a Phillie but I have no complaint of a sweet Johnny Bench relic from Topps Tribute!
I've never bought a Tribute pack so I'm quite pleased to add this low numbered card to the PC. I would have to be offered quite a nice card to part with it. I like the old timey look of the relic swatches. 

 This next card is quite obvious why I wanted it. Two mainstays through the Phillies glory years. I know a bunch of trades are going to happen soon but that doesn't mean I have to like it.
A little red border action shot. Topps archives base card. The Robin Roberts is the black version (hard to tell right..) I'm surprised how much I like these mini cards. I'm usually not a huge mini guy but in this case I can go for these black versions.

As usual, if you want to trade check out my trade bait (its mostly up to date may have a few cards that just aren't listed) I also have a ton of base and inserts of most teams that I can trade.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Man, that Bench card is incredible! Even as a 'common-card collector', I still get a kick out of seeing cards like that. Awesome trade!

    Nick J