Monday, July 8, 2013

Trade with Mr. Owl!

In honor of trade week over at Night Owl! I will post the trade that we just recently completed. I posted a whole bunch of trade bait, he claimed a Dodger.. I sent that dodger and a bunch of other stuff. As usual he comes back with some nice surprises.

Now this card is special cause its more like a 5 by 7.. Never knew these existed!

I just scanned a few of my favorites. The 1975 card is greatly appreciated (eventually we'll trade enough times that you will single-handedly complete my 75 Phillies Team set). I really like the Upper Deck Masterpieces. These are quite nice looking in person. Shiny Phillies are good too!

Also, just watched John Lannan pitch 8 scoreless innings! John LANNAN! Didn't know it was possible! Go Phils!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Thanks for trading! I like how you got those shiny cards extra shiny.