Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Team Set Completed

I recently completed the Phillies Five Star Team set! I was able to pick up the last 3 cards in one auction at a reasonable price (yay not paying shipping 3 times). I already had the Schmidt so it was nice to pick up the 3 aces!

A couple years ago they had maybe the greatest pitching rotation of all time. Check out the numbers it is impressive. It ranks right up there with the 90s Braves and those old Dodgers teams. It's a shame due to injury and other factors they haven't had a longer run together. Halladay is most likely done (although I would love for him to come back and lift the team and see them make the post season)  Lee and Hamels should be together at least for 2 more years unless the Phils get antsy and trade Lee for a bevy of prospects.

Thanks for reading!

I am still attempting to put all of my Team Sets together and get a comprehensive list. It seems daunting to look at several thousand cards on the desk and try to put em all together again (humpty dumpty!)

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