Monday, July 29, 2013

A sweet gift from a sweet Girlfriend!

My girlfriend recently went shopping at Target to buy some odds and ends... and Lo and Behold she came home with a blaster! It's awesome to have a girlfriend that appreciates the thrill of pack ripping!

Check out some of the booty!

The one per box Manu Relic thing was nice. Can't go wrong with Clemente. That being said I will trade this one for one for the Ryan Howard or Mike Schmidt (already have the Frank Thomas). 

I'm a big fan of the diecuts this year. I think they look really nice. Not really interested in going after the other insert sets but I am most likely hanging onto the diecuts. I like the chrome ones from last year too. 

I also highlighted the best in my opinion Red Parallels from the blaster. If anyone needs em I can trade them for red Phillies preferably.

Thanks honey for the gift and Thanks for reading!

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