Monday, November 25, 2013

A MEGA Box Break!

I recently was visiting the local big box store and happened upon the card aisle (or purposely detoured to check it out). I happened to see 4 MEGA boxes. For those who don't know you get 5 packs of Topps Update and 2 Packs of the newly created set Topps Update Chrome. Seeing as how I am a huge fan of chome I figured this was right up my alley! And I figured correctly!

It was a fun break and beat the odds a bit! I will probably want the base set of these Chrome cards to put in the binder with my other Chrome set. I think they will be happy togethhhhherrrr! (sorry I randomly broke out into song thankfully you can't hear me)

The above was from the Update packs. The Profar gold is pretty nice. I like the shot and that it says "Rookie Debut" on it. A few minis and some other inserts as well. Nothing crazy out of these packs. 

Managed to get the Puig which is nice if I decide to chase the set. The Inserts are pretty nice with the shiny foilness of them. Harper's mo hawk is a bit ridiculous but hey to each their own. I'm sure if I had millions of dollars and I was 21 I'd sport a mo hawk cause I could. 
Hit one of the All-Star Stitches relic! Best part is I actually got one I wanted! It's sweet to hit a PC player and these fall 1 every 34 packs (or 16 boxes)!

Last but not least, hit a nice Mariano Rivera numbered out of 250. It's clearly off center but still nice to get one of his last playing days cards (I'm sure he'll have plenty of more cards produced). I'm not above trading it but I would have to get a pretty decent Philly type card back in return.

I had a good time opening up the MEGA boxes. 7 Packs for 15 bucks is a pretty solid deal. I don't think I will be buying any more but it gave me a nice start to the Update Chrome set and hopefully will complete it in the future!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Nice Rivera. These mega boxes are awesome. I've seen a lot of good pulls.