Saturday, November 23, 2013

Trade with The Lost Collector!

I recently completed a quick and easy trade with The Lost Collector! He collects Yankees and Mike Pineda. I was able to send him a bunch of those and he sent back a pretty cool package.

Also, he is the first person to successfully compare me to Pele and Madonna.. I am impressed. 

The Cole Hamels is a pretty cool card from Opening day. I never buy any (not sure why it's def in the price range and seems fun to open) so it was nice to get this insert I didn't have. I still need to search and catalog my Howard cards like the Thomas cards. It would be nice to know how many different ones I actually have. 

Vintage!!! I am still on a quest to complete every Phillies team set 1952-1985! I am almost done with the 50s which honestly is cool but still a ways to go! Anytime I get a vintage card in a trade I am more then happy!

Here was the card that started this trade! Super thick Manu Bat Barrel. Now I have this one, a game used bat barrel card and a Ryan Howard auto bat (to be shown at a later date). That has to be some sort of trifecta. 

Thanks for the trade! Always appreciate when someone finds a Phillies card and thinks of me! 

Thanks for reading! 

P.S. The awesome girlfriend picked up a sweet piece today for me out of the blue! Psyched about it! 

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