Monday, November 18, 2013

In Honor of Draft Picks and Prospects -- Ryan Howard

As many of you know the prospecting product of the year came out recently. Bowman Draft Picks and Prospects. I've seen a few breaks, some good some bad. I can't say I know all the names of the youngsters but I am curious as to what percentage will turn into something. For every Mike Trout there's 300 Kevin Maas's right? Baseball is hard to be the best in the world at.

I showed my oldest rookie card in a previous post. This isn't my newest rookie card by any means.. but it is one of my favorites!

Check it out!

Chooch has officially re-signed with the Phillies! Even though the Phillies should probably re-build, I am happy about that because I like Chooch. The core of the 2008 World Series is mostly still here. I really hope they are eating their Wheaties and really bring it next year.  

The best part about this card is I saw it at a card show and inquired about the price. The dealer said to me 100 bucks cause its Gem and thats really hard to find. I was like ok and walked away.. I got the card online for about 17 dollars. 

Good times! 

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