Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Trading with a Community!

I have completed quite a few trades this year, but this is my first one with Community Gum! He busted a box of Moments and Milestones and there is about 7,000 variations of Ryan Howard in that set. I have about 30 or 40 of them so I am well short of completing the set. I sent him what I could find of his various player collections and he sent me Ryan Howard!

Look at all those Moments AND Milestones! Home Runs, battering averages, stolen bases (probably not many for Howard) galore!

These are the ones numbered out of 25! I believe I have 20 or 21 of these now, which is awesome! 6,079 to go!

Die Cutting goodness. If you are interested in diecuts contact Community gum. He has a whole lot of them and they are really sweet looking cards in person. I highly recommend them for cutting bread as well (please do not attempt)

Thanks for reading!

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