Thursday, March 12, 2015

Philly Show Part 2!

Hope everyone enjoyed the mostly vintage portion. I updated my Phillies binder so once I get around to scanning it I will show off some cool old cards! There was some other stuff purchased at the card show.

There's a Bruce Rondon auto. Thats for trade! The rest of these cards were from a dime box! I like exclamation points! I think it's a rule, if you see a Griffey for a dime, you have to buy it. It's written in the 3rd amendment. (I may or may not have made that up)

Also, there was a box break action. My wife purchased a Jumbo box cause of the near guarantee of a base set! Good news, she did get a base set.

Also hit some other stuff..

Got the 3 promised hits. Starling Marte Auto, Hisashi Iwakuma relic and Tanner Roask Future Stars super thick card. Not bad. The Trevor Bauer is of the black variety numbered out of 64.

This was probably the nicest card in the box. The Gallery of Greats are super nice inserts and this one is numbered out of 99!

Thanks for reading! Enjoy the coming of spring.. until Game of Thrones.. then Winter is coming!


  1. If the Marte is available I am interested

  2. That Koufax is a great looking card! Congrats on getting a numbered version.