Tuesday, March 31, 2015

My Fantasy Baseball Team (1 of 2)

I have joined 2 Fantasy baseball leagues this year. Both of which I have now been in for several years! It's nice to see the same people back again year after year. Builds up some good competition. In this league, it's rotisserie with some non traditional categories.


Runs, RBIs, Stolen Bases, OBP and SLG. Notice no Avg and no HR's.


Total Bases, ERA, K/9, H/9, BB/9

No Saves and there is a 1000 inning cap.

I decided to go unorthodox and picked no full time relievers in the draft.

Also, this league is a keeper league. You can keep up to 4 and any person you keep is your first round pick, 2nd round pick etc.

I decided to keep 4 this year. Robinson Cano, Adrian Beltre, Jose Fernandez and Michael Brantley.

My Team is as follows:

After the top 4 that I had kept.. I drafted Adam Wainwright (63rd), Victor Martinez (68th), Hisashi Iwakuma (89th), James Shields (94th), Mark Trumbo (115th), Ben Revere (120th), Salvador Perez (141st), Starlin Castro (146th), Lance Lynn (167th), Gregory Polanco (172nd), Jered Weaver (193rd), Javier Baez (198th), Matt Cain(219th), Marlon Byrd (224th), Tanner Roark (245th) and Jose Quintana(250th)

This draft was tough with 13 people in it. No idea if my strategy of no relivers will work. I figure I have starters I can drop if necessary. I already dropped Baez and picked up Carlos Beltran. At this time gotta play a bit of wait and see but that spot is definitely fluid.

I really wanted to have Wainwright and Lester. Missed Lester by one pick so I settled for V-Mart and took Kuma with the next pick. 

Have one more draft tonight, completely different format and head to head.

What do you guys think? All criticisms or advice is welcome.

Obligatory picture..

Go Phillies!


  1. I don't think I've seen a league without homers. Even the sabermetric leagues usually have them. I think your team should be ok as long as the injury bug doesn't hit. Cano and Brantley will be great for the stats that you have.

    I'm in a league that uses holds to give more value to middle relievers.

    Polanco was a nice late round guy as he will a pretty high ceiling and will be starting in right for the Buccos. He is project to bat 2nd so he should be able to score some runs.

    I'm never a big fan of keeping pitchers as the breakdown factor comes into play. You can always find great value in the later rounds. Who was the best position player that you let walk?

    I love fantasy baseball especially rotisserie leagues!!!!!

    1. My hitters weren't too strong last year. I had Hunter Pence and I traded Pujols mid season. Def no one worth it in the first 4 rounds