Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Philly Show Recap Part 1 (of 2 maybe 3)

Let's just ignore NFL free agency for a minute. I'm an Eagles fan.. and I don't know what to think. Seems kinda crazy to trade for so many players coming off serious knee injuries. I thought only the Sixers liked injured players.

Regardless, the card show was its usual fun. There is always much to see that is way out of my price range and some stuff way overpriced and some stuff that I feel is fair so I buy it. A metaphor for life as it were. I didn't scan everything because I made a post office run today and sent out 5 packages! If you were expecting cards from me I hope that I sent them to you! And if you don't get cards in a normal amount of USPS time and I owe you please let me know!

The Hunt's auction people had 2 1952 Mantle's graded 5. I'll never tire of seeing them up close. They are poetry on cardboard. I was unable to locate the elusive Frank Thomas No Name on Front. I have only seen it once in person. I did not have the 1K on me at that time to buy it though. Maybe one day I will get it! Junior Junkie knocked off an unbelievable card (for those that don't know a Mantle/Griffey dual auto from 1994 Upper Deck) so maybe one day I can get my proverbial white whale. (I've had quite a few 'white whales' that I currently own) I'm a collector at heart. My Wife always makes fun of me if we pull something good, I tell her how much I could sell it for.. then I immediately tell her that we're keeping it! I work for money, I collect cards for fun! Thankfully she enjoys pack opening and sorting and random oddball cards as well!

I did well on vintage:

Lots of Richie Allen! The 1962's in this scan are both high numbers. They are a pain in the neck to find. I wasn't counting the league leader cards as part of the team set but it is pretty cool to get a card with Hank Aaron and Willie Mays on it!

Took a nice big chunk out of 1967 as well! I love Bob Uecker from Major League.. 'just a bit outside'. Also, was able to knock off 1965 Topps (not pictured). I will scan 1969 topps soon. One dude sold me the whole team set at a reasonable price. Well it was missing one card but I actually picked that card up about 10 minutes earlier, so great timing!

Thanks for reading, stay tuned for more modern cards in the next post!

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