Monday, April 13, 2015

I spoke to soon..

My bad to all the Phillies fans out there. They no longer have a winning record. The pitching has been quite solid this year, hitting not so much. Lots of guys might not break .200 this year, that's kinda ugly. Hopefully the warm weather starts warming up the long ball for some Phillies hitters. Never like losing to the Mets. Rollins was the Mets killer when he was here. Check out these stats..

Thats near impossible read from baseball but his stats are

241 Games, 987 At bats, 148 Runs, 267 Hits, 51 doubles, 10 triples, 30 Home Runs, 118 RBIs, 62 SB's, 94 Walks, .280/.343/.786 and roughly 40,000 broken hearts in 2008.

Good times.

By the way the amount of information on Baseball Reference is absurd. I feel like I could be a scout. Here's a shiny card for everyone's viewing pleasure.

Always willing to pick up rookies for cheap. This was before he was Rookie of the Year and MVP and World Series Champion. Pretty solid.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Saw this on Twitter the other day...

    2015 Phillies Opening Day Lineup!

    1) Depression
    2) Anger
    3) Sadness
    4) Loathing
    5) Despair
    6) Bitterness
    7) Hate
    8) Jeff Francouer
    9) Pain

    1. As long as Despair can knock 30 home runs i'm all for it.. haha

    2. That is pretty funny! The Phillies are playing some guys this year that I've never heard of and I follow baseball very closely.

  2. The Phillies current state reminds me of some of those bad Pirates teams from the stretch.