Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Phillies have a winning record!

Solid pitching for the most part to start the season. Timely hitting to get a few runs on the board when it matters and they win! Who knows, maybe 1993 is going to repeat itself! The weather is finally getting warm.. but to make the joke one more time, Winter is coming, tonight at 9 on HBO!

Here's a new Rhino I picked up recently:

I like the background design of this year. I actually already had the 1 of 1 for this particular card too so it was cool to pick up the 1 of 3.

Also, recently the great Chuck Bednarik passed away. This is my only auto of his but I like it a lot. Very nice signature, maybe I can get a custom made out of it or something cool.

Hope everyone else is enjoying the start of the season. Pitching for the most part has been better then hitting, but I think it'll even out when the summer heat gets going.

Have a great day and Thanks for reading!

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