Saturday, April 18, 2015

Trade with Off Hiatus Baseball!

I recently got my half of the trade from Off Hiatus Baseball! I have to go through my Brewers cards and try and return the favor. He messaged me and asked if my want lists were up to date (they were) then proceeded to destroy them! I cross offed well over 100 cards! Completed 7 team sets in full! I had no idea what to scan so I just have a bit of a sampling.

Maybe Pete Rose will get reinstated by the new commissioner and get in the Hall of Fame, or probably not, but it is fun to debate. I actually saw Pete Rose in Atlantic City last year (not gambling). It was his one man show. The beginning of it I thought was entertaining, he told a bunch of funny baseball stories, but when they opened the audience to questions I didn't think it was controlled real well. Most of the people just complemented him and didn't actually ask any questions or told their own personal story. 

I like picture in picture. Remember back in the 90s when that was the new thing on TVs. I feel like it didn't quite catch on, but it was cool to be able to watch two football games at once even if one was in a 5 inch square on the screen and you had no idea what was happening. Good times!

Larry Bowa is a fun guy. I always wonder how its like to literally do baseball your entire life. Player, manager, base coach, a little bit of everything in his career. 

Thanks for the ridiculous package!

and Thanks for reading!

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  1. Glad I could knock those cards off your want lists, It's almost as much fun for me to beat up someone else's want lists as it is for me to cross cards off my own lists!