Friday, March 25, 2016

A Whole lot of Hurt!

I recently completed a Frank Thomas for Frank Thomas swap. I sent out a whole bunch of my doubles and he sent me back a whole bunch of his! Worked great! I am now up to 755 unique Frank Thomas cards! I know he has a ton out there but I only started this a couple years ago (and its hard for me to afford those high-end autos).

Robert sent me a whole bunch of cool inserts and base I didn't have. I just scanned a nice cross-section.

I really like the Triple Play inset on the bottom right. Those are nice looking cards with the nicknames big and bold. Pinnacle Aficionado is a very underrated set. The foil and the thickness of those cards make them really stand out. 

Probably my favorite card of the whole package was the Excellence insert on the bottom right. They are really sharp looking cards in person. The Avant card at the top is a framed card which is nice too.

Thanks for the trade and thanks for reading!

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