Saturday, March 12, 2016

My Greatest Pull of All Time!

Nothing will ever top this pull. Yes, I have pulled a Mike Trout wood mini 1/1 (still in the PC), a Yasiel Puig Red auto (traded for Michael Jordan 1986 Fleer), Bryce Harper Topps Chrome Black rookie auto and a few other notables... but nothing will ever top this beast!

The year was 1993. We were up in Massachusetts visiting my Aunt, Uncle and Cousin. Somehow my brother and I convinced Dad to buy us each a box of Baseball cards. I of course got the amazing box of 1993 Donruss. The collation was always was fantasticly bad but it was all good when in the 2nd to last pack I hit this monster!

Numbered out of 10,000!!! That means there's only ten thousand of them! That's it! Ridiculous! Book value of 130 dollars, I was rich!!!! 8 year old me had struck gold! (all kidding aside this card still sells for a decent amount) This was a lap around the house worthy. I did post it on some message board on AOL for sale and someone offered me (if i remember correctly) around 40 dollars. I decided to keep it, and thus my collecting nature began! I don't mind trading (as many of you know) but selling is harder for me, cause I would just turn around and use the money on other cards!

Thanks for letting me share that story an thanks for reading!


  1. Regardless of monetary value, that's still one beauty of a card!

  2. In a time of unreal over production, /10000 was a big deal!

  3. Numbered out of 10,000 meant what -- that your odds of getting any one of those in a particular pack was 1 in a million, right?

    That's such a great story.

    1. No, it's probably more like 1 in two million, because I must have opened over a million of those packs and never pulled an Elite Series card.
      Beautiful pull and a nice trip down memory lane!

  4. That is a terrific card. Congratulations on pulling it. Must have been thrilling as a kid.

    I am kind of glad the prices came down enough to allow me to buy the Wade Boggs from 1991. I always wanted one of those as a kid. I bought my Boggs for about $10.00.

  5. That is an awesome card. Those were much harder to pull than 1/1's today.