Monday, March 28, 2016

Silver Signatures!

I always enjoyed opening Collector's Choice. Not very expensive, good looking photography and the ever fun gold and silver parallels! The gold's were roughly one per box (I never hit a big name) but the silvers were one per pack, so occasionally I'd get lucky.

Two of the biggest names out there! Griffey and Thomas! Always thrilled to get those 2 guys in the same box.

How about Villanova! That's the only team in my bracket still alive (picked them to win it all!) but very excited they made the final four! Should be a couple of good games in Houston.

Hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend, thanks for reading!


  1. It always felt good to pull the star players' silver sigs!

  2. Love the Silver Signatures. Aside from 1992 Topps Gold, it was my favorite parallel. If you find a dupe of that Thomas, let me know!