Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Cards from Wes!

Wes has been his usual card sending self. I am a bit behind on posting and mailing. I have tons of extras junk wax now. My dad dropped off some stuff he had from the basement. It was about 9,000 cards of early 90s goodness. My wife is in the process of sorting by team set. We keep a 800 count box of each team for extras and trades. Quite a few of them are filling up. In the near future I will be sending cards to people. (*near future being as soon as I can)

Also, more importantly I found my old "top loader worthy" cards. I will be scanning them in the next few days and sharing them! Some good stuff in there.

Back to the cards that Wes sent! If you didn't know he runs Jay Barker's Fan's Junk! Check it out!

Mike Lieberthal was always a fan favorite. If you think about it he's in the Top 3 of greatest Phillies Catchers ever. Bob Boone and/or Carlos Ruiz are number 1/2 and then I'd rank Leiby 3 and Daulton 4th. I could see arguments to bring Daulton up but Lieberthal was a Phillies player longer. 

Also, really like Upper Deck masterpieces. The cards are still real sharp. That's a box I'd like to open just so I have more cards from that set. 

Nice to get 2 Museum Collection cards. I've never purchased a box of it but the Canvas Collections really look good. Of course a relic of Rolen (2nd best 3rd basemen behind Schmidt!) is always welcome.

Thanks for the cards Wes!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Wes is always a great man to trade with. I just want to know one thing: how do you limit yourself to just 800-count boxes of other teams' cards? I have a monster box!

    1. Just don;t have the space for 30 monster boxes, wont fit on the shelf!

  2. #supertraders the hamburglar strikes again

  3. #supertraders the hamburglar strikes again

  4. I really should take a week and sort out all my non Pirates stuff.