Sunday, July 6, 2014

A Few Black Cards from 2011!

Everyday I search for Ryan Howard cards. I pick and choose deals of course (unless I hit the lottery then I will buy everything). If I find some low numbered parallels that don't pop up very often I will take a shot. I was able to snag these 2 nice cards from 2011.

The above card is from Topps Chrome! It's numbered out of 100 and a pretty nice parallel from that year. I believe I have the Sepia, Gold, Black, Purple and Blue. I'm not really chasing the rainbow (I'm sure the super is long gone) but if I get the rest I'm OK with it (the sacrifices I make!) 

This Howard is a bit rarer. It's out of base Topps and numbered out of 60. I was pleased to see this card available for a reasonable price after a few years. Usually if you miss out on these parallels early they take a while to pop back up and when they do they are way overpriced. Which is fine the seller can ask what they want.. I just won't pay ridiculous prices. 

On a happy note, crushed it playing poker last night, will be searching for a new TV this evening! 

Gint A Cuffs is coming soon! The only reason for me to buy A&G! (besides framed cards)

Thanks for reading!

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