Monday, July 21, 2014

A Museum and a Bear?!

I've been only slightly lazy with scanning lately. I have a couple new additions to scan but I have a couple more on the way so I may just wait to do it all at once. In this post I'm just showing off some 'new' cards that I scanned a little while ago. Once the rules hit for gint-a-cuffs I will order a box. Any suggestions on the cheapest place to buy one? I've been looking at the usual suspects and it seems to be anywhere from 95-100 dollars. Any suggestions is appreciated!

Check out the Museum!

This is from a previous year's Museum Collection. I was able to snag it cheap (under 10 bucks I'm sure) and it's numbered out of 35. Howard looks real serious in the picture though. Despite his batting average this year he's still up to 60 RBIs. 

This is a nice looking Bear Relic (but seriously I think its a jersey). He looks much happier in this picture then the one above. I don't see these or the auto version pop up too much (I have one of each so not like I'm actively looking) I like the frames as usual. Framed = good.

Today's a rest day for the Tour De France. I've only missed watching one stage so far. It's been quite an enjoyable race. 

Also, I made a fantasy baseball trade in my keeper league. I traded Pujols for Jose Fernandez and Zach Wheeler. Now for next year I'll have Wainwright, Fernandez, Cano and Beltre to keep. That's a solid top 4. Obviously, health for Fernandez is important but I have faith he'll come back strong.

Thanks for reading!


  1. If you wait for Thursday, Dave & Adam's Card World offers free shipping on orders over $99 instead of their usual $150 free shipping minimum, so a box of A & G just sneaks in over the Thursday free shipping threshold.

  2. Check out steel city collectibles free shipping anything over 99. Usually pretty fair priced

  3. Just checked steel city is 98.95 for ginter hobby. I'd pick up a retail blaster an get free shipping. Order from them a bunch an always had my order within 1 or 2 business days