Friday, July 25, 2014

Some 2009 Rarities and other Musings!

Sticking with some Ryan Howard themes lately (shocking I know). Heard some rumors flying around that the Phils might release him. I wouldn't be thrilled about that. Really kinda stupid when the team isn't going anywhere this year and then decide to eat that much money and get nothing for it. I hope it doesn't happen. The farm system is barren so they really have no replacement. Ruf hasn't turned into the player that hit all those home runs in double A.

Onto happier things! Gint-a-Cuffs box is ordered! I took the suggestion for Steel City Collectibles and to get the free shipping grabbed another box that will be fun to open! (2001 Fleer Tradition).

Also, Topps Chrome case has been pre ordered! I saw the price drop a bit yesterday so I decided to pull the trigger! Glad I didn't get stuck with a higher pre-order! Purchased from another reliable source atlanta sports cards! (I do not have any affiliation with Steel City Collectibles or Atlanta sports cards).

Super excited to continue the series that started this blog (What's in a Case?!) Hope you guys enjoy following along my semi live blogging updates!

Onto the 2009 goodness!

Another Gold refractor! Guess I really like gold.. even though I really don't wear any jewelry. Howard looks like he's whacking a home run on that pitch. Head down looking at the ball, good form! 

This is the black parallel numbered out of 63 from base topps! I wasn't collecting back in 2009 so I figured I missed the boat on this parallel. Thankfully, it came up and I was able to snag it for super cheap! (1 dollar!) I'll never so no to this type of card for a buck! One day soon I should catalog my Ryan Howard serial numbered. I have them all separated out. We'll see how that goes! (If it goes!)

Anyways thanks for reading, have a wonderful day!

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